Farming salmon on land

Sustainability, responsibility and bio-safety — our clear path forward.
We seek to set a standard of quality for the future of raising marine life into food.


Quality, sustainability, bio-safety and reliability

Aquabanq is a global aquaculture business set to build and operate industrial land-based aquaculture facilities in the United States and Europe for sustainable production of high quality, antibiotic-free Atlantic salmon and steelhead that can be safely consumed by our clients. Between the overfishing and pollutants in the water, the ocean-raised fish as food source is getting increasingly less reliable. A degrading quality and limiting quantities of healthy, safe fish are the threats to our food security and bio-safety of an important source of protein. With our business and technology, we look to change the future of fish farming and challenge the status quo.

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We set the standards for salmon


Sustainability, bio-safety

Reared in closed-containment system, our fish is not exposed to parasites and pollutants like sea lice and plastic. No exposure of the biomass to antibiotics and other chemicals guarantees the highest possible degree of bio-safety.

Food security, economics

Producing fish close to markets and operation costs on par with open net-pen farming guarantees physical and economic access to affordable and nutritious food. The high natural growth is being achieved with constant temperature, constant levels of pH and oxygen.


Sustainably raised Atlantic salmon and steelhead will be the main products of our company. Both salmon and steelhead have protein retention of 31%, and an average Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) close to 1.03-1.2, which makes them the most efficient compared to chicken, pork, and cattle. In addition to the resource efficient production, the fish farmed in recirculating aquaculture systems on land is a climate friendly protein source.

System performance

World-class RAS technology field-tested in Switzerland and Denmark comes with a performance guarantee of the world-leading manufacturers of water treatment and aquaculture systems, Krüger and Veolia. The compact design with optimized process logistics allows for the production of large volume fish biomass using the smallest footprint on the market.

Land-based closed-containment technology

The highly flexible and adaptable system was designed for seawater and freshwater aquaculture so that it can be used for rearing Atlantic salmon and steelhead on land. The system is minimally disruptive environmentally and requires only small amounts of either freshwater or seawater. In areas with limited water supply the volume of intake water can be reduced by reuse of discharge water.
Our grow-out unit rears fish in a large circular tank with movable compartments separated in two closed-loop channels taking advantage of the tank's circular hydrodynamic. The system has no underground piping which significantly reduces construction and operational risks. The system's high water recirculation velocity results in better oxygenation, more efficient algae growth control and excellent fish meat quality. The system scalability and compact design enable us to quickly deploy additional RAS units for increased production on site as needed and lower the production cost per kilogram fish. The RAS farm is fully automated; fish feed, light, temperature, filtering, pH-values and water oxygen saturation among other parameters will be monitored and controlled by a computer-operated system.


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Aquabanq Management & Holding Co. Ltd is registered in England and Wales with company registration number 09399959.