Sustainable land-based salmon aquaculture in Maine.

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Producing finest U.S. farm-raised Atlantic salmon - provenance guaranteed!

Aquabanq is a sustainable land-based aquaculture business set to grow fresh, high-quality Atlantic salmon for the North American market. Through the use of proprietary technology, our fish grow in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) where they remain free from pollutants and diseases. This results in extra fresh and delicious fish produced and delivered to tables across the U.S. and Canada with the smallest carbon footprint possible.
We invest in the future of salmon farming to create a sustainable, commercially successful company committed to quality and the biological safety of its product.

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Land-based salmon farm technology

Aquabanq’s approach is to invest in cutting-edge, field-tested RAS technology and equipment to create redundancies of critical systems and increase overall reliability and performance. Our investment goals will be reached without pushing biological limits, such as biomass density, beyond safety margins. Our production units have been designed for the U.S. market by a dedicated and experienced team of American developers and engineers with a modern take on oxygenation and materials. This technology enables efficient solids waste treatment and nutrient removal, which reduce the impact on the environment at a reasonable cost.


Our Recirculating Aquaculture System rears fish in large circular tanks which allows us to take advantage of the power of hydrodynamics. The process water in our tanks is continually reused and purified. Our system’s high water recirculation velocity results in better oxygenation, more efficient algae growth control, and excellent fish meat quality. Scalable design and the use of new materials in our RAS enable us to quickly deploy additional grow-out units for increased production, and lower the production cost per pound of fish. Our RAS technology allows us to produce Atlantic salmon with all the health benefits and delicious taste of seafood produced in the ocean, but without the need for the hormones, vaccines, and antibiotics commonly found in offshore-farmed fish.


The impact of RAS technology is a dramatic reduction of the fish farming industry’s CO2 emissions, and a giant step forward in the biological safety of an important source of protein for U.S. consumers. Today, 90% of seafood consumed in the U.S. is imported from overseas, which has created a huge carbon footprint for the industry. Land-based salmon aquaculture, by contrast, is located close to consumers and markets, ensuring that fish travel shorter distances and are delivered soon after harvest. Land-based salmon production in the U.S. is not revolutionary only for its biological safety and the reduction of carbon emissions that it offers, but also for the economic incentives it creates to keep streams and oceans clean.

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Investing in salmon farming

Land-based aquaculture is a rapidly growing segment of the seafood industry that is undergoing global transformation towards sustainability. Price per pound of Atlantic salmon has been on the rise driven by growing demand and pushing biological boundaries in traditional offshore salmon farms with unsustainable production levels.
The improvements of RAS technology made over the past 10 years, including year-round production and the mitigation of environmental effects such as pollutants and diseases, have significantly reduced the cost of Atlantic salmon production per pound for the operators of large-scale land-based systems. This puts Aquabanq in a pole position to compete with the traditional producers of salmon. Find out more how to invest in salmon farming.


Investment in large, sustainable land-based aquaculture operations is the newest trend recognized by institutional and impact investors. However it’s the U.S. salmon market where the experts expect the largest growth. The demand for sustainable U.S. grown salmon continues to rise. There is a significant opportunity for expansion of land-based salmon aquaculture in America.


The United States is the second largest market in the world for fish and fishery products. With salmon being the second most popular seafood in the country, Americans eat over 980 million pounds of salmon each year, with most of that fish being imported from overseas. The compound annual growth rate for salmon in the United States is 20% higher than in the European Union.


Investment in land-based aquaculture is a form of impact investing and one of the fastest-growing sustainable methods of producing fish in the world. To learn more about Aquabanq, Inc., and for additional information on who qualifies as an investor, please continue reading or complete the registration form to access Aquabanq’s Data Room.

Product - sustainably farmed salmon

Maine farmed atlantic salmon aquabanq
Our high-quality, sustainably farmed Atlantic salmon will be a fresh and safe source of protein that has been hatched, raised, and harvested in the United States.
Atlantic salmon is the most popular species of farmed salmon and is used in many ways. You can find it in your local store fresh, smoked, made into sushi, and in a variety of other ready-made meals. Consumers love it for its taste but also for the health benefits. Salmon, like other seafood, is a great source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.
A sustainably farmed salmon is also a resource-efficient protein. The world consumes huge amounts of protein each year; mainly through land-based, non-aquatic animals that need a lot of food to produce a relatively small amount of protein. Salmon, by contrast, has a higher protein retention rate and lower feed conversion ratio than any other major source of protein.

Salmon Farm Q&A

What is land-based salmon farming?

Land-based salmon farming is a part of salmon aquaculture where Atlantic salmon is being hatched, grown, and harvested on land.

Throughout the life cycle, the fish is growing in indoor tanks. In the beginning salmon is being kept in the hatcheries until it‘s grown big enough to be transferred to larger tanks that provide optimal conditions which increases feed use efficiency and growth. As soon as the salmon reach the desired size, the fish are being harvested.

What are the benefits of land-based salmon farming?

On shore, salmon farming enables all year round commercial production by increasing biosafety and minimizing environmental drawbacks such as carbon footprint and ocean pollution. No antibiotics, hormones or vaccines are being used during the process.

Farming close to market does not only help to ensure peak freshness of the salmon but also allows for a quicker response to the growing demand in addition to a more efficient use of natural resources compared to traditional offshore salmon farming.

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