The finest, freshest U.S. shrimp – locally grown in sustainable, land-based aquaculture!

Aquabanq is a forward-integrated, aquaculture company producing quality, sustainable shrimp for the U.S. and Canadian markets. Using proprietary technology, we raise our shrimp in a controlled environment with recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), which protects them from pollutants and prevents diseases. Our ultimate mission at Aquabanq is to deliver traceable, non-GMO, top-grade shrimp right to the customer’s doorstep with the smallest possible carbon footprint.
Maintaining an intact food supply chain has never been more important than it is today.
This understanding drives Aquabanq’s investments in the future of shrimp farming We are actively building a network of sustainable and commercially successful companies, each deeply committed to the quality and biological safety of their products.
Inspired by American ingenuity and the relentless drive to improve, Aquabanq continually adopts the latest technological advancements and state-of-the-art production procedures. Our goal? To consistently elevate the quality of our products and the sustainability of our operations.

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Land-based farming technologies

Aquabanq prioritizes investments in cutting-edge RAS technologies and equipment, ensuring redundancies in critical systems to enhance reliability and performance. Importantly, we aim to achieve our investment goals without exceeding biological safety margins, such as biomass density. Our shrimp farming production units are the result of the combined expertise of two dedicated teams of American and Israeli engineers and scientists. These experts bring unparalleled knowledge in water treatment and marine biology to our operations. Leveraging these advanced technologies, we can cost-effectively farm our shrimp close to markets and entirely isolate the farming process from the surrounding environment.


Recirculating aquaculture systems raise aquatic species such as shrimp in a controlled environment within large indoor tanks. The process water in these tanks is continually reused, (recirculated) and purified. A scalable design and the use of state-of-the-art materials in our system enable us to quickly deploy additional farming units to expand production and lower production costs. Zero-discharge RAS technology allow us to produce allows us to produce U.S. farmed shrimp with all the health benefits and great taste of ocean-grown shrimp, but without the need for hormones and antibiotics, which the majority of aquaculture producers overseas heavily rely on.


The impact of RAS technology is a dramatic reduction of the seafood farming industry’s carbon emissions, and a giant step forward in the biological safety of an important source of protein we consume as food. Today, 80 percent of the seafood consumed in the United States is imported from overseas, which has created a huge carbon footprint. In contrast, land-based aquaculture,is located close to market, ensuring that all seafood products travel shorter distances and reach consumers as quickly as possible after harvesting.
Land-based seafood production in the United States is revolutionary due to its biological safety, the reduction of carbon emissions, and the economic incentives it offers to maintain clean streams and oceans.

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Investing in land-based aquaculture

Aquaculture is the fastest-growing form of food production in a world that is undergoing a global transformation towards increased sustainability. As a result, land-based aquaculture is the most rapidly growing segment of the seafood industry worldwide. The advances made in RAS technology over the past 15 years – including year-round production and the mitigation of environmental effects such as pollution and diseases – have significantly reduced the cost of seafood production for operators of large-scale, land-based systems.
Strong financial projections are driven by strong and growing product demand:
  • Shrimp traditionally dominates the U.S. consumption charts as the most widely served seafood.
  • Shrimp has been a long-time favorite ingredient in healthy and uncomplicated meals. Due to its ease of preparation and versatility, it is often featured in sandwiches, cocktails, salads and main dishes.
The popularity of shrimp is reflected in the growing U.S. per capita fish and seafood consumption rate – and is fueling the industry’s revenue growth.
This long-term trend and the technological developments Aquabanq is implementing put the company in a pole position when competing with existing, conventional seafood producers. In addition to the attractive production costs and sustainable shrimp farming practices, investing in regional protein source producers such as Aquabanq creates strategic redundancies that are ideal to offset supply chain challenges during national or global crises, thereby helping investors to incorporate more resilience into their portfolios. Find out more about investing in sustainable aquaculture.


Investment in large, sustainable land-based aquaculture operations is attracting both institutional and impact investors who are aware that the demand for sustainable, locally grown seafood is steadily on the rise. Especially within the U.S. market, it is the regional producers who are projecting the largest growth. There is a significant opportunity for expansion of land-based aquaculture in the United States, which is being driven by consumer desire to replace imported seafood with safer, domestically produced options. This will continue to fuel the interest in sustainable shrimp farming within the U.S. aquaculture industry.


The United States is the second largest market in the world for seafood and fishery products. With an enormous shift of consumption to retail, U.S. retailers posted record seafood sales across the fresh, frozen, and shelf-stable categories in 2020. In 2021, shrimp consumption levels grew in the United States versus the pre-pandemic 2019 levels and experts predict growth across all seafood categories to continue. Despite the current inflation which is affecting many food items, the forecast for growth in revenue generated from fish and seafood sales in the US market remains positive. Moreover, as one of the most highly consumed seafoods in the United States, shrimp accounts for 25 – 30% of the growing domestic market.


Investment in land-based aquaculture is a form of impact investing in one of the world’s fastest-growing methods of producing sustainable seafood. Our Investor Relations area contains additional information about Aquabanq and how to become an Accredited Investor, as well as how to access Aquabanq’s exclusive Data Room.

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