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Aquabanq is a forward-integrated, aquaculture business set to grow top quality, sustainable seafood for U.S. and Canadian markets. We use proprietary technologies to grow finfish and crustaceans in a controlled environment of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) free from pollutants and diseases. Being able to deliver traceable, non-GMO, sushi grade seafood right to your doorstep with the smallest possible carbon footprint is our ultimate goal.
Aquabanq invests in the future of fish farming to create a group of sustainable, commercially successful companies committed to quality and the biological safety of its products.
Ensuring continuity of the food supply chain has never been more important than it is today.
At Aquabanq, we are inspired by American ingenuity and the will to make things better in life through application of modern technologies and mastering the art of their continuous improvement.

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Land-based farming technologies

Aquabanq’s approach is to invest in cutting-edge RAS technologies and equipment to create redundancies of critical systems and increase overall reliability and performance. Our investment goals will be reached without pushing biological limits, such as biomass density, beyond safety margins. Our production units for finfish and crustaceans have been designed by two dedicated and experienced teams of American and Israeli engineers with a modern take on water treatment and materials. These technologies enable us to grow cold-water species, such as salmon, and warm-water species, such as shrimp, close to market at a reasonable cost while simultaneously reducing the impact on the environment.


Recirculating aquaculture systems rear aquatic animals in a controlled environment inside of large indoor tanks. The process water in these tanks is continually reused (recirculated) and purified. Scalable designs and the use of new materials in our systems enable us to quickly deploy additional grow-out units to scale up production and lower the production cost. Both cold-water and warm-water RAS technologies allow us to produce fish and crustaceans with all the health benefits and great taste of seafood produced in the ocean, but without the need for the hormones and antibiotics commonly found in ocean-farmed fish and imported shrimps.


The impact of RAS technology is a dramatic reduction of the fish farming industry’s CO2 emissions, and a giant step forward in the biological safety of an important source of protein we consume. Today, 80 percent of seafood consumed in the U.S. is imported from overseas, which has created a huge carbon footprint. Land-based aquaculture, by contrast, is located close to market, ensuring that all seafood products travel shorter distances and are delivered to consumers as soon after harvesting as possible.
Land-based seafood production in the U.S. is not only revolutionary for its biological safety and the reduction of carbon emissions, but also for the economic incentives it creates to keep streams and oceans clean.

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Investing in land-based aquaculture

Aquaculture is the fastest-growing form of food production on the planet that is undergoing global transformation towards sustainability. As a result, land-based aquaculture is the most rapidly growing segment of the global seafood industry. The advancements of RAS technology made over the past 15 years, including year-round production and the mitigation of environmental effects such as pollution and diseases, have significantly reduced the cost of seafood production for the operators of large-scale land-based systems.
Strong financial projections are driven by strong and growing product demand:
  • Shrimp traditionally dominates the U.S. consumption charts as the most widely served seafood.
  • Salmon is the second most popular seafood consumed by Americans.
These two types of seafood have long been favorite ingredients for healthy and uncomplicated meals such as sandwiches, cocktails, and salads. Growing U.S. per capita fish and seafood consumption is fueling the industry’s revenue growth.
The long-term trend and technology puts Aquabanq in a pole position to compete with the traditional producers of seafood. Beyond the production cost and sustainable fish farming practices, investing in local protein producers such as Aquabanq creates strategic redundancies that are ideal to offset supply chain challenges during global or national crises and help investors build resilience into their portfolios. Find out more how to invest in sustainable aquaculture.


Investment in large, sustainable land-based aquaculture operations is the newest trend recognized by institutional and impact investors. However, it’s the U.S. seafood market where local producers expect the largest growth. The demand for sustainable, locally-grown seafood continues to rise. There is a significant opportunity for expansion of land-based aquaculture in America and replacement of the imported seafood.


The United States is the second largest market in the world for seafood and fishery products. With an enormous shift of consumption to retail, U.S. retailers posted record seafood sales across the fresh, frozen, and shelf-stable categories in 2020. Salmon has become a go-to seafood during the pandemic registering 4 percent increase in consumption. Both shrimp and salmon consumption levels grew in 2021 in the U.S. versus the pre-pandemic 2019 normal and the experts predict growth across all seafood categories to continue.


Investment in land-based aquaculture is a form of impact investing in one of the fastest-growing sustainable methods of producing fish in the world. To learn more about Aquabanq, Inc., and for additional information on who qualifies as investors, please continue reading or complete the registration form to access Aquabanq’s Data Room.

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