About Us

Aquabanq is a modern forward-integrated, land-based aquaculture holding involved in production of finfish and shrimp across the contiguous United States and Canada.
All our seafood will be produced locally from non-GMO eggs using sustainable and ecologically responsible practices. From careful attention to quality throughout the growing process to industry-leading equipment, Aquabanq is committed to supplying the highest caliber fish and shrimp hatched, raised, and harvested in the United States.
We focus on two most popular seafoods in America, salmon and shrimp, with more popular species to be added to the list over time.
Our products will be available in fresh, frozen and shelf-stable categories. Additionally, through our seafood e-commerce platform, we plan to offer a variety of value-added seafood and meal kit options, better known as “food boxes,” to engage with younger consumer audiences.


By raising all seafood in RAS facilities on land close to market, Aquabanq seeks to provide a smart resource of seafood with the smallest possible carbon footprint, and without any entry points for parasites and diseases. Our goal is to meet the growing demand for locally sourced, safe, healthy seafood free from antibiotics, chemicals, and pollutants.

Cold-water RAS

The salmon from our first large-scale, cold-water RAS facility in Maine will reach consumer plates in Boston, Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and everywhere in-between within hours of harvest to ensure its peak freshness.
Aquabanq’s multi-phase plan to build our state-of-the-art land-based aquaculture plant in Maine began in September 2018 and we are set to begin construction in 2022. The clean, cool flows of rivers, cold winters, and mild summers make Maine the ideal location and create perfect conditions for farming cold-water fish like salmon. The RAS plant’s future site offers access to renewable power, clean cold water, and a great industrial infrastructure. Our location sits also within just a few hours driving distance of two of the largest feed manufacturers in North America, capable of delivering high-quality, sustainable diets for our fish.
Our field-tested cold-water RAS has been designed in North America by an aquaculture technology group serving the industry since 1987. Our system provider of choice has been a key system vendor to several commercially successful, large-scale aquaculture farms growing a variety of aquatic species in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and China.

Warm-water RAS

The RAS units for the production of shrimp and other warm-water species are generally smaller in size (280-550 thousand pound annual production capacity compared to 2.7 million pounds a year for cold-water RAS) and will be built near major cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. The system is based on the Israeli Zero-Discharge Technology  and functions as environment-independent, closed water treatment systems that maintains marine life through complete reutilization of water. That’s right! While all land-based RAS re-circulate, reuse, and eventually discharge process water, no water leaves a Zero-Discharge RAS, which eliminates a lot of red tape and results in a significant reduction of capital expenditures and operating cost. The technology is different from “BioFloc” and rears cultivated species in crystal-clear water.  
Our plan is to keep continuously expanding our product range to multiple warm-water species beyond shrimp and eventually adapt Zero-Discharge RAS technology for cold-water aquaculture.  
The below map shows where we intend to build Zero-Discharge production plants throughout North America.
We at Aquabanq hope to make a significant impact on the local communities where we operate and play a meaningful role in fostering much-needed and long-lasting economic growth by sourcing our workforce locally and offering jobs to employees at a variety of education levels. This will create exceptional opportunities for employee engagement, brand loyalty, and brand recognition.

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