About Us

Aquabanq is a modern, forward-integrated, land-based aquaculture holding company specialized in sustainable shrimp farming across the contiguous United States.
All of Aquabanq’s shrimp will be produced locally from non-GMO eggs using sustainable and ecologically responsible practices. From carefully monitoring quality throughout the growing process to employing industry-leading equipment, Aquabanq is wholly committed to producing shrimp of the highest caliber: hatched, raised, and harvested in the U.S.
Through our seafood e-commerce platform, we plan to offer a variety of value-added seafood products, including meal kits that allow customers to easily create popular shrimp dishes like shrimp scampi, shrimp ravioli, and shrimp gumbo.
In addition to our online offerings, Aquabanq is branching into the food truck industry, delivering fresh and delicious shrimp dishes to consumers on-the-go.


We are deeply committed to food security, striving to build a resilient critical supply chain for domestically produced shrimp.
We are serious about food safety, too, which is why the shrimp we farm are non-GMO, free of antibiotics and growth hormones.
Our dedication to sustainability is comprehensive: By using zero-discharge RAS technology, we prevent farming effluent from entering the environment, effectively eliminating pollution. We also uphold stringent traceability standards and minimize the use of wild fish as feed ingredients. Furthermore, our proximity to the market dramatically reduces our carbon footprint.
We at Aquabanq hope to make also a significant impact on the local communities where we operate and play a meaningful role in fostering much-needed and long-lasting economic growth by sourcing our workforce locally and offering jobs which fit a wide range of skills and educational levels to prospective employees.
We will work hard to be recognized as a responsible employer that prioritizes employee engagement within the communities where we operate.
Read on to find out how we’re fulfilling our pledge to these and other important commitments!


By raising all our seafood in RAS facilities on land and close to market, Aquabanq seeks to provide a smart resource of seafood with the smallest possible carbon footprint, while eliminating any entry points for parasites and diseases. Our goal is to meet the growing demand for locally sourced safe and healthy seafood, which is free from antibiotics, hormones and pollutants.

Our Zero-Discharge RAS

In general, our RAS units for the production of shrimp and other warm-water species have a production capacity of 280-550 thousand pounds annually. The sites of our planned RAS shrimp farms are located near major cities throughout the U.S. and Canada (see map below). The system is based on the Israeli Zero-Discharge Technology and functions as an environment-independent, closed-loop water treatment system that maintains marine life with an impressive 100% reutilization of water. That’s right! While all land-based RAS recirculate, reuse, and eventually discharge wastewater, no water leaves a Zero-Discharge RAS, eliminating a lot of red tape and resulting in a significant reduction of capital expenditures and operating costs. Using a different approach than “BioFloc” systems, our systems provide a reliable, productive solution for raising cultivated shrimp in crystal-clear water.
We plan to continuously expand our product range to include multiple warm-water species along with our shrimp.
The map below indicates the planned sites for our additional Zero-Discharge shrimp farms throughout North America.

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