Aquabanq is set to build and operate land-based salmon farm in Northern Maine for the production of the highest quality, sustainable Atlantic salmon. From careful attention to quality throughout the growing process to industry-leading equipment, Aquabanq is committed to supplying the highest caliber fish hatched, raised, and harvested in the United States at the best value.
The salmon from our facilities in Maine, will reach consumer plates in Boston, Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and everywhere in-between within hours of harvest to ensure peak freshness.
By raising our fish in RAS facilities on land close to the markets we serve, Aquabanq seeks to provide a smart resource of seafood with the smallest possible carbon footprint, and without any entry points for parasites and diseases. Our goal is to meet the growing demand for locally sourced, safe, healthy seafood free from antibiotics, chemicals, and pollutants.
Our production facilities consist of the hatchery and grow-out units where fish will grow from egg to harvest. At Aquabanq, we guarantee that our Maine Atlantic salmon will be safe, tasty, and viable food source.


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Aquabanq’s multi-phase plan to build our state-of-the-art land-based aquaculture plant in Millinocket, Maine began in September 2018 and we are set to begin construction in 2020.
The clean, cool flows of rivers and lakes, cold winters, and mild summers make Maine the ideal location and create perfect conditions for farming Atlantic salmon on land. There is so much potential for this area and a lot of progress has already been made. The RAS plant’s future site offers access to renewable hydroelectric power, clean cold water, and the great industrial infrastructure of the former mill town. Our location sits also within just a few hours driving distance of two of the largest feed manufacturers, which are capable of delivering a high-quality, sustainable diet for our salmon.
Like many other mill towns in Maine, Millinocket was built around a paper mill which is no longer active. We at Aquabanq hope to make a significant impact on the local community and play a meaningful role in fostering much-needed and long-lasting economic growth by sourcing our workforce locally and offering jobs to employees at a variety of education levels. This will create exceptional opportunities for employee engagement, loyalty, and brand recognition.

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